• The choir sings for my friends and family at home on Nov 22nd. Mom and Dad are hosting and sponsoring the event, please pray for them as they prepare for us and host us. Please also pray for the concert and the turn out, as well as the wonderful people who will be housing us! 11.2.09
  • The selection process for the next two choirs is beginning in Africa. Please pray for this process! 10.8.09
  • My friends Chris and Heather had to move to help choir 35 on the other side of the country because two chaperone’s visa’s didn’t get approved! Praying that the visa situation gets worked out so we can have our team back and so that the two chaperones can have this experience! 9.5.09
  • I still have the same headache, trying to figure out why. I just want it to go away!!!! 9.5.09
  • I’m trying to adjust to tour life, my cell phone broke today. I think it is the first realization of how confined I am to the schedule and the bus, there really isn’t a way for me to get a new one. But for the most part touring is going really well!!!! 9.5.09
  • I am having some awful headaches, making it difficult to sit through all of the drumming and to be joyful 🙂 I would appreciate prayers that they would go away by the time we hit the road on Wednesday. 8.30.09
  • Please pray that the team of chaperones would become a family and work well as a team. 8.30.09
  • We are in the thick of rehearsals, our first show is Wednesday. Please pray that the children would be able to have sharp and clean choreography, sing in tune, have lots of energy, and remember the changes we have made. 8.28.09
  • Rebecca, our youngest (with a birthday TODAY), is having trouble eating the American food. Please pray that she would acquire a taste for it. 8.28.09
  • I am getting to the point of exhaustion, a happy and joyful exhaustion, but I am still very tired. 8.28.09
  • I leave very soon (less than a week). I am having some trouble getting my packing out of the way and have come down with a nasty nasty cold. I am hoping to enjoy these last days and not be stressed or too sick. 8.8.09
  • The kids from Kenya go in to apply for their visas tomorrow, not always an easy process. Hopefully they will be able to get them without any problems and delay. 7.13.09
  • That I would be able to raise enough funds and support before I leave. 7.13.09

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